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"My family has been going to Smart Automotive since they opened and they have fixed every mechanical problem we have ever encountered... I would most definitely recommend Smart Automotive as they are folks you can TRUST, and trusting your mechanic is mighty important!"


- Greg J.



"Their repair work is phenomenal and always maintain excellent communication about the work they do and recommendations they have. I'd trust this business over any other repair shop or dealership in town."


- Andrew L.



"I love this auto shop. The owners are friendly and honest. They have become like family."


- Annalicia G.



"I can't say enough about Rob and the team at Smart Automotive. When you find a mechanic you can trust, you hold on tight, and in Rob, I have that."


- Trevor P.



"Rob is amazing! My parents have taken their cars to him for 20 years and he has always provided excellent and honest service."


- Claire G.



"I have had nothing but the best, expedient and reasonably priced experiences at Smart Auto."


- Steve A.



"My family and I have been going to Smart Automotive for over 15 years & would not go anywhere else."


- Melissa M.



"Rob and the whole crew are people that you can trust. I wouldn't take my car anywhere else!"


- Luke S.



"An honest reliable place with great people to help you with your car problems!"


- Barbara S.



"I cannot say enough good things about the team at Smart Auto - and I must admit; I'm embarrassed I haven't written a review yet even after years of fantastic service. First off, this is a local, family owned business and supporting the underdog has always been a priority to me. I remember my first visit to Smart Auto almost ten years ago when I took my very first car in and learned that the transmission was shot. As any 17 year old slaving away making only $5.15 an hour would do, I cried my eyes out at this news while Rob (owner) explained what would need to be done. He referred me to a transmission shop just down the street and made sure I was taken care of. Ever since this experience, I have been 100% paranoid about every noise, unusual vibration, etc. my vehicle makes, and Smart Auto has always been there to answer my questions and provide some "auto Zen" and peace of mind. I can't even list how many times I've brought my car in to Rob, worried that it would explode, and was reassured by his clear and concise explanation of exactly what was happening and IF anything needed to be done. The "IF" is emphasized for a reason - this guy does NOT participate in bullsh**, upselling or generally draining of one's bank account just for fun. He's an honest guy and does fantastic work. I've even called him from Hawaii (where I now live) with "super urgent" (my words, not his) questions regarding a wheel bearing - this guy deserves an award just for dealing with me. I would recommend him to absolutely anyone looking for a top notch, grade A mechanic."


- Megan B.



"Purchased an '04 Cavalier this past weekend and my girlfriend, who has been completely satisfied with SMART AUTOMOTIVE for the past 15 years, recommended that I take it in for a check-up. My work schedule is kind of tight, so we dropped it off after work yesterday and picked it up this afternoon, with all communication and payment done over the phone as my girlfriend could not go there during the day, nor myself. There's a drop box for your keys, so makes it very convenient and Rob was very accommodating. Rob ended up doing a complete inspection (on and off the rack) and test drove the car as I thought I may have heard the bearings, but it just ended up being road noise. I also noticed the temperature gauge may not be working as it seemed stuck in the middle, never at zero. Front brake pads and rotors were replaced as Rob found the pads had about 20% of life left. When I went to pick up the car, the receipt only showed charges for the brake job. No charge for the inspection! Plus, the icing on the cake was when I got in the car to leave and noticed the temperature gauge was now sitting at zero. Thanks guys, you're the BEST!"


- AmericanFrog66



"I have been taking my car to SMART for about 3 years now, and always find that everyone is friendly, helpful and very professional – and they don’t suggest unnecessary work. I had the A/C go altogether, and they agreed fit the replacement parts I supplied – and it works great ! Another time I asked about the brake pads, and was told that there was some mileage left in them (some auto shops would suggest immediate replacement). I think their motto on they key fobs is accurate: Service & Repair at a price that’s fair!"


- Xbrit_in_AZ



"I have been going to Smart Automotive for a couple years now. I have been so happy with them. At first I was pretty regular and they are such nice people. I have not been great with communicating my car needs. Thingy and clump clump and they know what I mean. It amazes me that they have such an understanding for every noise my car makes. I always feel so welcomed and almost like family. Like they miss me if I haven't been in, like I should. So often in these places I feel so intimadated and out of my league. I see such a difference in there way of helping me and others. Even when its last minute they have made time for me. They even put a sticker on my window to remind me when my next oil change should be. So nice and helpfull. Thank you Smart Automotive Repair for all your help."


- Joymkg


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